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- Priority 3 -


Minimize Loss In Case of Break-in

Be a step ahead.


Burglars prefer jewelry, money, weapons, electronics and anything else small that is valuable, easy to carry, unidentifiable and easily sold. Frequently, they head straight for your master bedroom where these types of items are typically found. Here are some strategies to help you secure your valuables and reduce the risk of them being taken after a burglary.


Have a decoy jewelry box and decoy portable safe that is easily found that is loaded with valuable looking costume jewelry in the master bedroom to satisfy burglars so they leave without continuing their often destructive search.

Image of a portable safe

Infrequently Used Valuables

Keep these in a hidden safe located in the basement that is bolted down to the concrete foundation of your house. Burglars dislike going into basements for fear of being trapped and can walk away with unbolted safes. Also consider using a bank safe deposit box which is much more secure. Properly install a quality and fire-proof safe because budget models are relatively easy to breach. Don’t forget about irreplaceable or highly sentimental items and key documents. Finally, try to avoid getting too creative with hiding things. You may forget or become incapable of retrieving it if something happens to you later.

Frequently Used Valuables

Try to keep these outside of the master bedroom because this is the primary room burglars ransack. The kids’ rooms and the basement are good alternatives because they are usually untouched. You could try putting valuables in creative & unusual spots. Another option is installing and diligently using an in-wall safe that is hidden yet conveniently located. Metalex supplies and installs these. 

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Logins & Passwords

These could be more valuable than the physical valuables in your home. If your logins & passwords are stolen, criminals could access your accounts, sell the accounts and personal information on the black market, or steal your identity to commit fraud under your name. You should keep your logins & passwords securely stored away from your computer and have a unique and strong password for each account but this is very inconvenient. Our recommended solution to this problem is a highly rated secure and recoverable password management solution called LastPass and it's free! In addition to much increased security, LastPass also increases convenience with auto-login for websites and you’ll have secure access to all your credentials across computers, tablets, and smartphones anywhere. We've converted, so should you. Follow these links to learn more and give Lastpass a try, a beginner’s guide on setting it up and ways to make it even more secure.

Digital Photos & Videos

Can you imagine losing your entire digital photo & video collection? This could be your most irreplaceable asset in your house. You may already be backing up your collection & data to another hard drive to protect against computer problems which is good. But if you experience a fire or burglary, your computer & hard drives along with your priceless photos and videos could be gone. Insurance cannot replace your digital content. A great way to protect against this is to use a secure off-site cloud-based automatic backup solution like Backblaze. This is our recommended solution because this service provides superior capability at a low price. It provides unlimited backup capacity, includes your external hard drives, is automatic and easy to use, and Backblaze can ship a drive to you to help you quickly restore a large amount of data, if disaster strikes. Follow this link for more information about backup strategy then click ‘Backup Guides’ at the top.

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