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A Practical Guide

What it is, how it works, how to participate, how to set one up, and get free help.

This is one of the most important things that you and your neighbours can do. 

Join one or set one up to secure your neighbourhood.

What It Is

A Simple Yet Organized Approach Where Neighbours:
Image of an eye symbolizing watching


Watch out for each other as they go about their usual activities.

Image of a police car for reporting crimes


Know when & how to report suspicious people and vehicles to the Police.

Image of people figures solving a puzzle together


Learn, share and help each other secure your houses and neighbourhood.

It Is Not About

  • Being a vigilante or putting yourself at risks.
  • Time-consuming duties and obligations.
  • Paying fees for service.
  • Being an obnoxious busybody.


Image of a burglar with NO symbol overlaid


Deter criminal activity and reduce the risk of becoming a crime victim.

Image people in a circle


Bring your community together with a common goal.

Imag of a peace dove

Peace Of Mind

Have peace of mind knowing that many neighbours are watching out at all times.

Image of a trend chart

Trends & Activity

Be aware of crime activity & trends in your area.

Catch Burglars

Help the Police be more effective by providing information.

Neighbourhood Watch Works - A Convict's Testimony 

See A Neighbour Watch Group in Action

Neighbourhood Watch Leaders Network

How To Set Up A Neighbourhood Watch Group

  1. Decide who will be your Neighbourhood Watch Leader.
  2. Join our Neighbourhood Watch Leaders Network. We'll
    -Answer questions that you may have.
    -Help you get set up quickly and easily by leveraging our efficient & effective model, templates and experience.
    -Provide you with support to help you evolve your group with the least amount effort.
    -Collaborate with other Neighbourhood Watch Group community leaders.
    -Collaborate with Police and complement what they provide. 
  3. Register your group with your local Police Crime Prevention Unit.
  4. Launch and run your group to improve your neighbourhood's security.

Enhance Your Existing Group

If you are already registered with the Police, join our Neighbourhood Watch Leaders Network to explore ways to:

  1. Increase your member's engagement and participation.
  2. Run your group more efficiently to save time.
  3. Boost your group's effectiveness at securing your neighbourhood.
  4. Sustain your group's momentum.
  5. Collaborate with other Neighbourhood Watch Group community leaders and local Police.