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Security Tips

Reinforcement or Replacement

Breaking and entering through windows is less common than through doors because windows are less convenient and are more risky if glass is broken. Broken glass draws attention and may cause burglars injury, leaving DNA evidence behind.  


Image of a window left open


Sneak in through a window left partially open for ventilation

Image of white vinyl slider window


Open a closed but unlocked window. That was easy.

Image of a burglar prying open a window at night


Force open your window with a pry bar, popping weak latches

Image of brick smashing through a window


Smash the glass. They may do this even if it makes noise because your neighbours usually hesitate to call the police on the first loud sound heard.



If you want to keep your existing windows, focus on the those that are easily accessible and are large enough to provide entry from the outside.
Image of window lock for casement windows


Prevent prying

Add window locks suitable for your window type.

Image of basement keyless security bar


Block entry

For basement windows, add interior window bars and ensure that you can still get out in case of fire.

Image of screen film rolls


Slow smashed entry

Apply security film to glass.

Image of window mesh security screen


Block entry

Add mesh security screens. This is the same technology as used in security screen doors by Metalex with simpler framing.

Metalex internal window guard image


Block entry

Add window guards. Click to find out more and request a 5% coupon for Metalex.


Very secure, elegant, and transparent. You can focus on accessible windows only.
Image of laminated security glass showing construction layers

Glass Module Only

When you are confident your frames are already pry-resistant

Replace just the glass module with insulated laminated security glass designed to resist impacts. This is only recommended for casement style frames with strong multi-point locking mechanisms or non-operable window frames.

Image of full security window system being attacked

Entire Window

When you want the most secure yet stealthy solution

Replace the entire window, not just the glass, that is designed and tested to resist burglaries as a system. This would include insulated laminated security glass, reinforced frame, wall connections, hardware, and fillings. These look like regular windows on the outside but are very different internally. This is a great option if you need to replace old windows anyways.


Regardless of type, keep your windows locked. Burglars could simply check for unlocked or open windows and inconspicuously and quickly enter.