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Security Tips

Protecting Sliding Glass & French Style Patio Doors With Security Screens

Burglars and home invaders like to break in through these doors because they are typically the weakest and located behind the house hidden from street view. 

The Weakest Door Of Your House

  • Very weak locks and latches - easily pried open with a screwdriver 
  • Made of weak material like vinyl, aluminum, wood or composite that fail when forced
  • Can be lifted off the track if not properly secured (sliding glass type)
  • Large amounts of glass allow burglars to either 'pop' or smash for easy entry
Image of 3 types of patio doors

Patio Door Break In Videos

Intruders can gain entry through your patio door too easily.

Challenge: Security With A Pleasant View

Patio doors pose a challenge for effective home security. How to secure a full sized door while preserving the view, letting light into the house while keeping it aesthetically pleasing?

First, A Few Less Than Optimal Options

Steel Security Door Replacement

Most Secure & Looks Attractive

CONS:  No view or natural light.

Patio door security gate black bars photo

Steel Security Gate Add-On

Very Secure

CONS: A high-security look and partially obstructed view.

Image close-up of laminated security glass

Laminated Security Glass

Secure & Invisible

CONS: Will slow down criminals, no visual deterrence and the door's other weaknesses still remain. See video below.

Image of window security film rolls

Security Film Applied to Glass

Somewhat Secure & Invisible

CONS: Will slow down criminals a bit, longevity risk, no visual deterrence, may fail at the edges and the door's other weaknesses still remain. See video below.

See How Film & Laminated Glass Performs When Attacked

Watch this before deciding choosing how to protect your glass patio doors and high risk windows. Some people may have a false sense of security after installing film.

An Optimal Solution: Security Screen Doors From Metalex

They look like regular screen doors to keep bugs out, but these also keep burglars out! Very secure and without the cons of the other options. These install in front of your existing patio doors in sliding and hinged formats.
  Strong Material & Design

The security grade high tensile strength stainless steel woven mesh protects against cutting, impact and corrosion. The frame and tracks are made of high strength aluminum to resist prying & brute force attack. Doors cannot be lifted out of the tracks. 

Multipoint Locking System

The lock switch engages and disengages 3 locking points to keep the door closed.

Sliding Security Screen Doors Installed
Attractive Aesthetics & Visual Deterrence

At at distance, these look like a regular screen door. Up close, burglars can see and feel that the screen mesh is strong & secure to visually deter them. 

Functionality Preserved

You can have an unobstructed view and natural light with 60% of UV rays blocked. As a bonus, you can have secure ventilation by opening your interior door while keeping these locked.