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Security Tips

Eliminate hiding spots for burglars with a clear line of sight.

No Gadgets Required

The likelihood of a break-in can be reduced if the doorways & windows around your house a clearly visible to neighbours, people passing by, and police patrols.  

  • Trim or remove excessive landscaping.
  • Keeping privacy fencing under 4 feet tall or use materials like wrought iron or chain link that can be clearly seen through.
  • Further deter burglars by planting bushes with prickly leaves or thorns under ground level windows and long fences.

Examples of Good vs. Bad Natural Surveillance

Image of a house with good natural surveillance

Example of Good Natural Surveillance

Clear line of sight

The front door, ground floor windows and side walkway has a clear line of sight from the street making this house a less appealing target.

Image of a house with bad natural surveillance

Example of Bad Natural Surveillance

Obscured line of sight

The landscaping has grown to the point where the front door, some ground floor windows and side entrance is completely hidden from passers by, neighbours and police patrols from the street. This is a condition preferred by burglars.

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Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Natural Surveillance is a component of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design - a proactive environmental design philosophy that inherently addresses crime. If you are selecting a new neighbourhood, designing your own property, or simply want to learn more, click here to visit CPTED Ontario.