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Minimize Loss, Deter Burglars & Help Put Them Behind Bars

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Why Mark Valuables?

Burglars & 'fences' don't like marked property. Burglars look for items that they can quickly sell and turn into cash like jewelry, electronics, guns and anything else that might be valuable and of course cash itself. Naturally, burglars don’t want to be caught during a burglary but they also don’t want to be caught afterwards in possession of stolen property. Police can easily identify recovered items as stolen property if they still have a serial number associated with the owner or the items are marked with the owner's unique identifying information. This makes serialized and marked property riskier to possess and less valuable on the street. Because of this, you can deter some burglars if you use decals on your house to make it known that your valuables are marked. Also, marking your valuables make it easier for police to return them to you if recovered and helps our judicial system prosecute burglars who are caught with them.


Creative and intelligent solutions

Mark any item that would be attractive to a burglar with your driver’s licence number using a marking (engraving) tool.  Mark in a prominent place where it is visible and difficult to cover or remove
and additional marking can be made on a less obvious area on the item.

High resolution screens friendly

Use window/door decals (stickers) to let burglars know that your valuables are marked.

Special Items
Suits well all devices and screen sizes

For items that cannot be marked, such as antiques, jewelry, coins, silver, china, you can photograph and log them on an inventory with details. Note any distinguishing detail. Also keep make, model and serial numbers for valuable equipment.

Police Support
Elaborated code and trendy design

Some local police run Operation Identification programs that loan marking tools, register items and provide stickers.

Additional Information

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