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Security Tips

Make it always seem like you are at home.

Why Is Maintaining an Illusion of Occupancy Important?

A University of North Carolina study of convicted burglars found that occupancy was their #1 concernIn general, burglars are interested in your valuables and do not want any interaction or confrontation. This is why they usually check to see if you are home before breaking in. If they break in and you happen to be there, they will usually just run away. Why do they avoid an occupied home? They fear:

  • More severe sentencing if they proceed with a burglary in an occupied home and/or harm people
  • Potential injury to themselves
  • Being apprehended or slowing them down
  • You calling police and identifying them

Day To Day Tips

  • Park your car(s) in the garage so they can't tell if you're home or not just by looking at your driveway and it makes your car(s) more difficult to steal and break into.
  • Keep window coverings and lights consistent whether you are in or out and keep window coverings such that they can't easily look in to observe you and your contents. 
  • Aim to have a consistent look to your house when you are at home or not
  • Avoid having packages delivered and left visibly at your door. A package sitting at your front door is a beacon to burglars, inviting them to choose your home because it says nobody is home. You can use a free service from Canada Post called FlexDelivery that allows you to ship things to your nearest postal location. This is secure but inconvenient, good for items requiring signature.

Secure Parcel Drop Box

With increased use of online shopping & deliveries, this is a secure and convenient solution for your home. The courier simply drops the parcel in, secures the box, and it's protected and out of sight. We have researched, tried a number of options, and installed the Elephantrunk II by Architectural Mailboxes. It is elegant, well built, just the right size, secured down by 1 big bolt, PIN pad access, and smart because it automatically locks after a parcel is dropped off.

When You Are Away Tips

  • Arrange to have snow, newspapers, advertisements, deliveries removed, lawncare maintained and snow cleared. 
  • Ask a trusted neighbour/relative/friend(s) to watch your house and help you keep up the illusion. They could park their car on your driveway and put out garbage on garbage day. Also provide them with your contact information in case there is a break-in so your insurance company can be reached to secure your home for you even if you're not there, they need consent.
  • Do not post your plans of being away on any social media (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc…) or mention it on your voicemail message.

Technologies That Help

These allow you to enhance your illusion and interaction with people approaching your home.
Creative and intelligent solutions

Allow you to answer your door(s) when you’re in or out anywhere in the world. See the bottom section of our CCTV Security Camera page for more information.

High resolution screens friendly

Alert you activity on your property and let you interact with them regardless if you are in or out anywhere in the world. See the bottom section of our CCTV Security Camera page for more information

Suits well all devices and screen sizes

Switch a light, radio or TV on and off randomly after dusk, on a schedule or remotely. Smart home hubs, devices and online services like IFTTT can let your home automatically respond to events.

Elaborated code and trendy design

Shines light on people when they approach after dark. See our Outdoor Motion Sensor Light section for more information. See our Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights page for more information.