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Practical Tips

Know the status of your house at all times.

Many Burglars Are Not Deterred By An Alarm But It Still Helps

Don't rely solely on alarm systems because they are commonplace now, especially in newer homes so most burglars have learned to work around them by simply getting in and out in 5 minutes. Alarms won’t physically stop burglars from breaking in, but can:

  • Deter some burglars who prefer easier targets without alarms.
  • Alert you and/or a monitoring centre if your house is broken into.
  • Limit the amount of time a burglar has after entering to minimize your loss.
  • Let you know if all your windows and doors are closed and that nobody has entered your house since arming the alarm.
  • Provide instant communication for emergencies via panic button(s).
  • Can be integrated with CCTV Security Camera Surveillance Systems.

Alarm System Tips

  • Install sensors on all windows and doors on all floors including the garage.
  • Motion and glass-break sensors on all floors. 
  • Have a battery back-up.
  • Consider having an exterior speaker with a strobe light to encourage neighbours to call the Police. If a neighbour calls, it is treated with higher priority than from a monitoring centre.
  • Consider protecting the exterior communication line (telephone, cable or fibre-optic) that your alarms system depends upon with line armour such as Linesafe. Alternatively, have a backup wireless communication method in case the line is cut.
  • Have monitoring from a reliable company that is ULC listed. 

Recommended Vendor: SafeTech

They offer systems without an up-front installation cost as well as monitoring existing systems.
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After looking at the vendor landscape for the Greater Toronto Area, one stood out - SafeTech Security. Since 1995, they have been committed to providing full service loss prevention for homes, businesses and institutions Nationwide. Here is why they stood out:

  1. Owner-Operated: Canadian owned and operated since 1995. We have met with the owner and he is extremely obsessed with customer service and has commited his career to home security. His values align to this site's vision to help homeowners secure their lives. This is a mid sized company that gives you two benefits that usually don't come together; family-like care and attention plus infrastructure features of a large scale operation.
  2. Awards & Ratings: Multiple award winner for security services in the Greater Toronto Area with Consumer Choice Awards. They are also a 12 time winner on Homestars. They are A+ rated and accredited by the Better Business Bureau
  3. Long-Term Commitment: They provide a full range of security solutions, own & operate their own ULC listed alarm and video monitoring station in Toronto, Canada and have about 44 employees. You will be around to support and service you.
  4. Integrated & Expertly Designed Solutions: SafeTech has a unique technique for blending security strategies, technologies and services for each clients' unique needs with technology supported by the top manufacturers in the World. They do more by taking a holistic approach and can provide integration with and provide solutions for security cameras, fire, flood, motion, alarm, switches, internal & external audio, control panels, A/V equipment, specialty cameras, door bells, medical, panic, temperature etc... You can simply deal with many of your security needs with just one call. 
  5. Support: You get direct support from seasoned loss prevention experts that educate and consult on a full range of reliable alarm systems, camera surveillance strategies, and access control to ensure your peace of mind. Free phone support is provided and cost effective friendly technicians can complete turnkey setups for any situation.
  6. Alarm Monitoring: Their ULC listed alarm monitoring station can monitor your video surveillance too, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  7. Liability Coverage: SafeTech is a member of Canasa (Canadian Alarm and Security Association) and adheres to its stated code of ethics, industry standards and best practices. You are also covered by their $5,000,000 of general liability insurance.