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Practical Home Security Tips

Beware of Dog!

Dogs Are Not A Burglar’s Best Friend

Over 30% burglars said would avoid a house with a dog inside based on a University of North Carolina Study. To make this work for you, you need to either have a dog or create the illusion that there is a dog on your property. A trained guard dog preferred. Some tips:

  • Have an especially loud and/or vicious dog. 
  • Dogs can also be trained not to take food bait.
  • You can add beware of dog signs and leave outdoor 'proof' such as a dog bowl and dog chain at the front or back door to encourage a burglar to look elsewhere regardless if you have a dog or not!
  • Here’s a list of The 10 Best Guard Dog Breeds 
  • Some information on How To Train a Guard Dog

Additional Information

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Image of a guard dog

Information on How To Train a Guard Dog