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Security Tips

Doors are made for entry, burglars included.

Improving the security of your doors can physically stop them from breaking in.

Regular Residential Doors Are Not Secure

After extensive research covering Canadian and American residential door retailers and manufacturers, we concluded that they are not secure. There are many that are beautiful and durable but ironically, they are not engineered to STOP burglars and home invaders from getting in! 

Watch These Videos To See How Easy It Is To Break In Through A Locked Door

Security camera surveillance footage of burglars breaking in through doors without any tools.

What Security Weaknesses Can You Spot?

Regular wood based door with weaknesses

Regular Residential Door Weaknesses

Typical Canadian door slabs & jambs (door frame) are made from wood, fibreglass and glass that easily fail when forced. Regular ‘Steel’ doors are structurally made of a softwood frame with a thin skin of steel on the exterior surfaces. These doors are vulnerable to variety of brute force kick, smash, pry and finesse attacks. Any one of these gives intruders entry to your home.
1. Glass Sidelight & Door Insert
Vulnerable glass

The glass can be smashed and an intruder can just reach in and unlock the deadbolt lock and walk in.

2. Door Slab
Weak wood

When kicked or shouldered on the lock side and if door jamb does not break, the door slab can split apart releasing the deadbolt lock.

Regular door weaknesses highlighted
3. Door Jamb Lock & Hinge Sides
Thin & weak softwood

When kicked or shouldered on the lock side, the deadbolt can split the thin wood frame. When attacked on the hinge side, the screws can pull out or the wood splits open.

4. Lock Mechanism
Many ways to defeat

Regular deadbolt locks are susceptible to bumping, picking, brute force torquing or smashing, drilling and copying of keys.

Lock Attack Videos



Regular locks are easily bumped open

It is surprising how easily locks can be opened this way. Little skill is needed, it is fast and there is no indication of forced entry so insurance companies may assume that you left your door unlocked.



Requires skill but can be done

This method is not easy. There are tools and training available for people to learn how to do this. Like bumping, there is no indication of forced entry so you may have insurance claim difficulties.



Ease depends on the lock

By inserting a hardened tool or screwdriver, a locked can be torqued open with not much force. This can be done quietly.



Easy, quick but noisey

This method is easy and fairly quick. Entry can be gained with basic tools such as wrench, pliers and a cordless drill, 

Replace With A Secure Steel Residential Door System

A door system made from heavy gauge steel is not weak like those typically made from wood or fibreglass to truly resist burglars and home invaders.  

Example of a Truly Secure Door System


Made entirely of heavy gauge steel plate welded together and internally reinforced with steel channels. This slab will resist brute force attacks. The interior and exterior visible surfaces are covered by a decorative skin with many colour, style and material choices . 


The slab is connected to the door jamb (frame) via extra heavy duty hinges on ball bearings. The door jamb is 100% heavy gauge steel so it will resist kicking, shouldering prying unlike like wood and other weak materials. The jamb is then securely connected to the structure of the house with heavy duty anchors. Solid.


There are 7 long throw retractable deadbolts on the lock side that are operable by key externally or thumb-turn internally.  3 additional fixed deadbolts on the hinge side provide extra reinforcement. The deadbolts are spread out to distribute the forces of attack. An 11th hidden deadbolt can only be operated from the inside to allow you to partially open the door securely for a peek or lock-down your house when at home.


Commercial grade high security lock, keys and lock shield will resist bumping, picking, torquing, smashing and drilling attacks. With patented keyways (controlled availability of key blanks) and key control with keys registered to you, unauthorized key duplication is prevented.

Image of PD Secure Door Exterior

Add A Secure Layer Instead

If replacing your door systems is not for you, the next best thing is to add a strong layer of security in front of your doors. This not only strengthens this entry point but also serves as a visual deterrent to pursuade most burglars to go elsewhere.  Metalex provides a wide range of high-strength steel security gates, storm doors, enclosures and mesh screens for doors plus mesh screens and guards for windows.

Metalex enclosure screen door double image

Storm Doors & Enclosures

Heavy gauge steel door frame & door tubing, decorative castings, tempered glass inserts, insect screen, door closer, adjustable sweep also keeps out the weather.

Metalex gate double image


Simply constructed from steel for pure security.

Metalex mesh screen doors quad image

Wire Mesh Screens

Stealthy security with stainless steel wire mesh screen doors that look like regular insect screen doors. Can be hinged or sliding and available for windows.

Metalex window guard internal image

Window Guards

There are internally and externally installed steel guards.


Regardless of door type, keep your doors and windows locked. Burglars could simply check for unlocked doors or open windows and inconspicuously and quickly enter.