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- Priority 3 -


Avoid Attracting Burglars & Home Invaders

Practical Tips

How to minimize the temptation.

Avoid Becoming A High Value Target

Most break and enters are crimes of opportunity. But if you are fortunate to be wealthy and you draw a lot of attention, you may become the target of skilled and determined criminals. An Australian Government Study found that the #1 reason that attracted burglars to properties, was the perceived likelihood of finding high-value goods inside. Here are some tips to reduce your chances of becoming a target:

  • Unload appliances, electronics etc… inside your garage.
  • Don’t leave blinds wide open for criminals to see your valuables, especially at night.
  • Avoid keeping large sums of cash & jewelry at home.
  • Don’t flaunt wealth in public like flashing large sums of cash. This may attract people to follow & target you.
  • Don’t stand out in your neighbourhood, stay within typical embellishments.
  • Think like a burglar or violent criminal. What would they want & like? Then conceal it.
  • Be careful with your garbage. Flatten expensive item boxes and bury them in the trash or take them to a public dumpster and shred your bills and statements.
  • If you have an expensive car, keep it in the garage.