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Practical Tips

Watch your back!

The Backyard Can Be Great For Families and Burglars’ Too

Why do burglars like backyards? They are hidden from the street's view where pedestrians, vehicles the police patrols can see them. It may contain objects and tools that cab help them break-in. It has a door and windows that can be breached almost privately.

Backyard Security Tips

Besides securing your backyard patio door (see our section on Patio Door Security), there are additional things you can do to improve the security of your backyard itself. You can restrict access to your backyard, make it unfriendly to them, and disallow burglars to use your things against you. Burglars prefer not to carry tools on them, so don't inadvertently help them!

Image of a wrought iron fence


Fencing and hedges can help keep people off your property and make escape more challenging but make sure line of sight is preserved. Avoid privacy fencing (wood) over 4 feet tall and keep access gates locked.

Image of a person climbing a ladder with a do not symbol overlay

Climbable Objects

Remove or secure ladders, rain barrels, firewood or other objects that are against walls and allow climbing up to the second floor windows.

Image of a crowbar


Secure tools that can be used to break & enter such as crowbars, hammers, prybars and screwdrivers.

Image of large stones


Avoid having loose interlocking bricks and bigger landscaping stones that can used to break windows.

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